Just Heather

My days have started way too early all this week! It started on Monday when there was a storm that woke the baby. My husband, daughter and I all sleep like logs- nothing will wake us- but Brenia is such a light sleeper.

Tuesday was an early morning consultation at a hospital an hour away. My 6-year-old is having dental surgery at the children’s hospital. Years of juice and poor brushing habits have eaten away at her teeth. They are pulling 5 and filling some more. She’s so nervous about it that they have to do it in the operating room with general anesthesia. Anyway, that wasn’t the point of this story- so you know I got up early on Tuesday.

Wednesday had things settling down a bit, so I thought we’d get back to normal, but no…

My husband has this idiot friend at work. They have decided to carpool (nevermind the wives have suggested it for a year- now they think it’s their great idea!) He comes Thursday morning, calling twice on the way! I was relieved to find the baby still sleeping. Then he gets here and rings the doorbell- not once- but twice! Of course, baby is awake too early!

Today, you’d think he would know to be quiet with me having threatened to kill him and all. No, he has to honk his horn at 7:30 in the morning and, yes, wake the baby!

It’s not that I sleep until noon. I’m up by 8 every morning. It’s just that usually I have some time for me to shower, dress and mentally prepare for my day before the girls are up. When I hit the ground running it feels like I spend the whole day behind. Five days straight of that and I’m pooped!

My Pacers are playing the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals. It should not be this stressful, but look at my nails and you’ll see how seriously I take this sort of thing.

Game 1:
I can’t honestly say I remember much of this game. I was pretty tired and fell asleep for at least a minute out of each quarter. Yes, I saw most of the game this way, but I was too tired to really remember what happened. Oh, except we won! Also, my brother called in the middle of the 4th quarter. He’s down in Florida and his radio wasn’t picking up right. I gave him a play by play for a bit. As it got down to the wire and it looked like we either might not win or we’d have overtime, he just kept saying “I told you we couldn’t beat this team.” To which I replied, “What-EVER.”

Game 2:
This was by far the worst officiated game in NBA history. Rasheed Wallace and his smart mouth were enough to tick me off; I really didn’t need the officials to help it along. I do have to admit that it was poorly called on both ends, but you’ll never convince me it wasn’t weighted against us.

Game 3:
I don’t get Rick Carlisle. I have been begging Donnie Walsh to hire him for 3 years, but this was madness. Everytime Anthony Johnson would have the team back in the game, he’d put Jamal Tinsley in to lose it for us. Jamal Tinsley is not a bad basketball player; he’s just a crappy point guard. He can’t create offense. He can’t run the ball. He can’t lead this team. So why is it that Carlisle keeps putting him in to throw the ball away?