Just Heather
Alphabet Dating

It’s no real secret that Spencer and I have had some problems recently. I think we’re finally on an even keel and part of the repair and reconnect is dating. Because I am me, though, there had to be a theme. We picked up on an alphabet dating game but we hadn’t gotten through enough of the “repair” part for the occasional date to be effective. We got all the way to F (sort of) before it petered out completely.

Things got off track quite a bit, but we’ve made a lot of real progress this year. The dating game is back on and I plan to keep a log of our ideas, themes and blog the resulting dates (mostly). The idea is for the alphabet theme to force us to come up with something more creative than dinner and a movie. The only rule is movies don’t count. It has to be something that allows us to connect, rather than sit side by side ignoring each other.

Most of this list is just an idea thrown out by one or the other of us. Items in italics are officially decided, with plans in the works. Anything in bold is a date we have actually been on, but I’ll add a link when I get around to blogging about the evening.

  1. Athletics
  2. Beef & Boards
  3. Children’s Museum, sans children
  4. Doing Downtown
  5. Exploring
  6. Fondue
  7. Getaway
  8. Howl at the Moon
  9. Indianapolis
  10. Just Married (Again)
  11. King for a Day
  12. Love me anyway
  13. M Weekend
  14. Night of Your Life
  15. Out of Office
  16. Pajama Party
  17. Quitting
  18. Roller Derby
  19. Song and Dance
  20. Try the Veal
  21. Unseen Underground Railroad (Walking Ghost Tour!)
  22. Vino
  23. Westfield
  24. Xtreme Laser Tag
  25. Yesterday
  26. Zipline