Just Heather
About Me

I am a work at home mother of three girls.  They have created in me a Montessori Mom, Scout Mom, Soccer Choir Dance Mom, Allergy Mom and avid coupon clipper.  My identity is so wrapped up in being a wife and mother that I often lose myself.  Here, though, I’m Just Heather.

Learn about my family as I share the ups and downs of marriagecreate adventures in mommyhood, wax nostalgic about my sibs, spoil my nephew, become my mother and travel around the world state to visit family. You’ll find I am a Hippie at heart, should not be allowed to choose my own clothes, could lose a little weight and am aging not-so-gracefully.

I don’t usually get too deep, but I do share way too much information. I’ll tell my darkest secrets, share my hopes and dreams and dish on my favorite things, but I promise to tell you no liesWe’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and I’m hoping, in the end, we’ll be friends.