Just Heather
Why do they call it morning sickness?

I had been noticing a severe lack of nausea with this pregnancy. With my other two I pretty much threw up nonstop for 4 months. This time around? Nothing. It was starting to freak me out. Well, never fear ladies and gentlemen. Morning sickness is upon us. Sort of.

I’m still not puking, thank goodness, but I don’t think the constant nausea and random gagging are much better. If I’m not eating or sleeping, I feel like puking. Only I don’t. I just gag. We’re having loads of fun, baby and me.

So you know the solution to this problem, right? Just eat. All. Day. Long. Only I’m not one to nibble on saltine crackers day and night. No siree. I’ll have a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, please. Oh, and could you pass the chicken livers?

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