Just Heather
Like an elephant

There’s nothing like waking up to a period when you’re already pregnant. I called my doctor and she thought it was light enough that nothing was wrong. She ordered bed rest for the day and an ultrasound on Monday. The ultrasound showed nothing wrong. Baby’s heartbeat is strong. I’m not quite as far along as we thought though. The ultrasound tech says at this stage babies grow at a consistent rate so the measurments are highly accurate.

She says I’m only 7 weeks so no possibility for placenta previa, since the placenta doesn’t even develop until 9 weeks. That would have been an obvious reason for the bleeding, and one I’ve dealt with before. My doctor thinks it was just one of those things and probably means nothing. I hate not having an answer. She kept my originally scheduled ultrasound in a few weeks though so we can keep a close eye. I’m supposed to take it pretty easy, but nothing as far as bedrest.

Like I needed an excuse to sit around and do nothing. It’s basically the only thing I can do to keep from throwing up. So glad that gets to last 2 weeks longer now. This pregnancy is going to last forever. I guess I’m technically not looking at any longer for the rest of it since I’ll be induced about 2 weeks early anyway. My first was nearly 10 pounds and right on time. The next time around I was induced 10 days early and she was still nearly 9 pounds. They’ll be keeping close tabs on this one’s size, along with everything else.

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