Just Heather

Courtesy of her gluten intolerance, Lorelai had never eaten a pizza before. A couple weeks ago, I bought tostada shells on sale with the idea of using it as a pizza crust. There was even a recipe on the back for Mexican pizza.

I heated vegetarian refried beans and spread them over the shell. I topped it with a Mexican cheese blend and toasted it in the oven until the cheese was melted. The result?

“Yay! Pidda!”

I’ll be clearing a space for that Mother of the Year trophy now. My days have been hectic and crazy since school began. Today, it all finally caught up with me. My day began with Stacia missing the bus. This is no big deal since we live right down the street, but presents a bit of a problem now that Brenia is in kindergarten across town. Montessori starts 10 minutes before public school so I have that amount of time to drop Brenia off and make it back to the other school. Success!

Then I came home with Lorelai. We are only home 1 morning each week so she usually takes a short nap on Wednesdays—playing catch up from the rest of the week. I laid her down at 10am, thinking she’d sleep about an hour which is the most I ever get from her. Kindergarten ends at 11:30 so I’d have plenty of time to change her and get to Montessori after she awoke.

Except she didn’t, until Brenia’s school called wondering where we were! The last time I looked at the clock, it was 10:30. The time didn’t even register when I realized it was the school on the phone. When she said, “We were just calling because Brenia is still here.” I looked up at the clock and freaked out! I grabbed Lorelai, rushed out the door and cried all the way to school.

Worst. Mother. Ever.

Luckily, they have an afternoon program too so she was well cared for. I felt horrible, even though everyone kept reassuring me that she was fine and I wasn’t the first mother to pick her child up 30 minutes late! I guess the good thing is they were very concerned about us. They see me as typically reliable and Brenia’s teacher was convinced I was in some sort of accident on my way to get her.

Brenia didn’t seem to notice how bad I was feeling and was only told that “Mommy was running late.” Now, I have to go get my other daughter before she gets forgotten too!

We hit Six Flags Great America over Labor Day weekend. It was not my first choice, and it will be my last choice from here on out. I suggested Holiday World since it is more in line with my budget, but it was the weekend of the wedding that wasn’t so we all deferred to my sister’s wishes. She wanted to get far away, and Chicago was apparently far enough. And, since my dad announced he was paying, my budget no longer mattered. Though, we did manage to come out over $100 poorer.

We had dinner at Medieval Times on Saturday night. This was my first time (even though my entire family insisted it wasn’t) and I thought it was a lot of fun. Next time, though, I’m bringing silverware. Stupid forkless medieval era. Our knight was not only the hottest one there, but he was the champion and hero of the story. Of course, as soon as I realized he was way hotter than any of the others, I knew that would be the case!

The next day, we visited Six Flags from open to close. I was not impressed. I had intended to write about it when I got home, but life got in the way and it didn’t seem that important. Today, with temperatures in the 50’s, I decided to don my new Six Flags hoodie (thanks, Mom!) and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The darn security tag hangs prominently from the hood! So now, in my renewed anger, I share with you The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of our trip.

The Good

  • They were more than friendly and accommodating when it came to bringing food for my gluten-free vegetarian. There was nothing she could eat anywhere in the park so I packed a cooler which they labeled “Approved for Medical Use” without question.
  • The park is chock full of great roller coasters. I was completely terrified on each of them, but for the most part they were a lot of fun.
  • The adorable capes for kids were only $5!
  • My first vending stop resulted in huge savings. Even though I told the cashier twice that mine were new souvenir cups, he rang us up for 2 refills. I didn’t realize it until after he handed me my receipt. Score!

The Bad

  • My dad may not have saved any money over a wedding. Everything costs extra—$170 for 7 Flash Passes to bypass lines, $15 for a locker, $13 for a tube that it turns out you don’t actually need to ride water slides…
  • $15 parking—seriously?!
  • Once it got dark, the bathroom areas were poorly lit. It was a bit scary heading off the path into darkness.
  • My dad lost another pocket knife at security check. They missed the full size scissors my sis carries in her diaper bag, but somehow the 2-inch pocket knife my dad carries on his keychain was a threat to park security. What a joke.
  • They didn’t actually sell the pink capes in stores. Hubby had to play a lame version of the strong man game to get 3 of them.

The Ugly

  • I finally found a deodorant that would last throughout a hot day in the sun. I’m putting it here because it is prescription strength and costs nearly $10! After 3 kids, my body chemistry is just not the same and I was worried about the long day. This stuff rocked, but the sticker shock nearly flattened my budget-minded body. I used a coupon though so we’ll call the balance “medically necessary” and move on.
  • The Iron Wolf roller coaster pretty much sucked. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t scary. It was just painful. The ride is rough, the seats were wide enough to bruise me in places I’d rather not mention and I left with a headache from being bounced against the shoulder rests repeatedly. Never again.
  • I, naturally, spilled on my shirt at lunch. My mom whips out her handy Tide To Go pen, which removed the ketchup, but left a stain of its own in its place. It didn’t come out in the wash. I had no idea that could happen.
  • Speaking of shirts, did I mention they left the stupid security tag on my new hoodie?!