Just Heather

I am a stay at home mom, in large part, because I saw the benefits as the daughter of a stay at home mom. I appreciate that my mom was there for field trips (even when I didn’t want her to be at the time), class parties and carpools. She was my Girl Scout leader. She was a band booster. She was the Friend Mom. It was our house that my friends congregated. It was my parents they called Mom and Dad.

I want to be That Mom. I don’t care that it’s our food they eat. I don’t care that I am the one who drives them all over town. I like that. I know how much kids, even teens, are willing to say from the backseat that they would never tell you to your face. That is why I do what I do.

My favorite memory of parental involvement is from 1st grade. I came home in tears because the kids all played jump rope games on the playground and I just couldn’t do it. My mom went out and bought a jump rope which she proceeded to twirl with my dad on the other end night after night until I was a champ.

Tonight, my daughter told me a story about recess today, her 3rd day of 1st grade. “One person held a big rope and another person held the other side. Then I jumped, but I’m not very good at it.”

I guess I’ll hit Target tomorrow.