Just Heather

Today is our 6th anniversary. Sort of. It’s our fake anniversary. Our renewal anniversary.

Spencer and I have been married for 18 years. 18 really long, terribly emotional, overly erratic years. But we made it. There was a time when we almost didn’t. Many other times when it could easily have gone the other direction.

Several years ago, we took steps to reconnect and recommitted ourselves to one another. So when the opportunity for a business trip to Vegas came up, we did the only thing we could. We got (re)married in a wedding chapel with Elvis as our officiant.

Our vow renewal was silly and tacky and tons of fun. But it was also incredibly meaningful. The venue and ceremony was a joke — something silly we always said we should have done the first time.

The vows were totally not. We take our vows very seriously around here. We called it Sokol Wedding 2.0 — and that just about sums it up because it’s better in absolutely every way. That’s not to say that things are perfect.

We are still flawed people with our own issues who often fail to communicate properly. We still argue and fight and forget to actively love one another. We went almost two solid weeks without speaking just last year. But we are more confident in our commitment. We fix things without question now. We turn towards each other more often than we pull apart. I know when every storm passes, he’ll still be there holding my hand.

Because this time, neither one of us is willing to let go.