Just Heather

Last night after my bubble bath, I put on some lotion, donned a sexy nighty, and went to get hubby off the computer and into bed. He, of course, didn’t bother to look at me and said he’d be a minute (which in Spencer-Time means an hour). So I kissed him to make sure he was getting the point. Our daughter chose that exact moment to cry. She then fussed for an hour. By the time I got her to settle down and go back to sleep, Spencer was snoring (naturally).

I think she is teething, which makes for sleepless nights for both of us (the baby and I, not Spencer and I!) To make matters worse, she woke up 2 more times during the night. So not only did I go to bed completely unsatisfied, but I barely got any sleep anyway! Plus, I froze half the night in my nighty. The 3rd time she woke up, I changed into warm and cozy jammies instead.

I know this for 2 reasons:

1. My business is sales so part of my job is to make people freak out and starting adding gifts to their orders.
2. My daughter is 5 years old and forever asking “How many days until…?” Her current favorite is Halloween, though she then realizes that next comes Thanksgiving and then her sister’s birthday, then Christmas, then her birthday. So we end up doing a countdown to everything. Thus, I know how many days until Christmas at any given time from October to December.

Last year I set a goal to finish my holiday shopping by December 1st. This is because I was very pregnant at the time and had nightmares of trucking into busy retail stores with a newborn in my arms and an almost 5 year old running along side me as I ran around town in search of some elusive gift. I came close, though I did some running the week before Christmas (alone, I might add- Dad to the rescue!)

This year I have the same goal, but only because last December was so nice. We got to relax, enjoy the parties, and spend time as a new family. I printed out my holiday planner from FlyLady the other day to help me plan and stay stress free. It is partly filled out already- I love to make plans. The exciting thing was realizing I am nearly done shopping for my daughter, half done with the baby, and have several gifts stocked up for other people.

The holidays are so much fun when you aren’t stressed and pulling your hair out the whole month!

Okay, so now I have this blog. I’m not really sure what to do with it. I think my hubby is hoping I’ll talk at him less. I am a stay at home mom to our 2 children, ages 5 and 10 months. While I think it is the most important job in the world, it leaves me craving adult conversation at the end of the day. So maybe this will be where I pretend I’m talking to other people who are potty-trained and don’t have imaginary friends (you don’t, do you?) Maybe I’ll just use it so the hubby will actually hear me. He seems to pay attention more when technology is involved. I suppose that is the geek in him. Or, maybe I’ll do as Chet suggested and use this blog to report on behind the scenes life with Super!Geek. Nah, that would only encourage him.