Just Heather
Mom, if you’re reading, skip this one

Last night after my bubble bath, I put on some lotion, donned a sexy nighty, and went to get hubby off the computer and into bed. He, of course, didn’t bother to look at me and said he’d be a minute (which in Spencer-Time means an hour). So I kissed him to make sure he was getting the point. Our daughter chose that exact moment to cry. She then fussed for an hour. By the time I got her to settle down and go back to sleep, Spencer was snoring (naturally).

I think she is teething, which makes for sleepless nights for both of us (the baby and I, not Spencer and I!) To make matters worse, she woke up 2 more times during the night. So not only did I go to bed completely unsatisfied, but I barely got any sleep anyway! Plus, I froze half the night in my nighty. The 3rd time she woke up, I changed into warm and cozy jammies instead.

One Response to “Mom, if you’re reading, skip this one”

  1. Hey. I got the point, and was in bed quite quickly, I might add. But, a screaming baby doesn’t do much for “mood.”