Just Heather

Kroger is tripling coupons up to 50 cents and doubling coupons up to a dollar this week. This is so much fun. I came out with an overflowing cartload of groceries for $80! I saved over 300 bucks on my total order. Now, in the spirit of competition, Marsh is tripling coupons up to 60 cents and doubling up to a dollar. Naturally, I have to go grab my free food there too!

I won’t be spending much money this time. I got everything I needed Monday. Now I’m on a mission for free stuff. I got 4 packages of Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies for free at Kroger- Yum! Don’t tell my hubby! I hide my good food! I’d love to post my receipt so I can show off what I did, but it is taller than me (and I’m almost 6 foot!) so it won’t fit on the scanner. All I can say is it is pretty!

I have to go shopping now!

So this weekend is the first one in 8 weeks that isn’t packed full. We have been so busy lately with random stuff. The last couple days have been surprisingly relaxing. Of course, I have chosen to fill my time with shopping. That pleases the hubby immensely, I’m sure! To my credit, I no longer collect clutter. It is not just useless shopping to pass the time. I am actually working on Christmas. I’m nearly done with my girls and have a pretty good jump on the rest of my list.

The only thing on my calendar this weekend is an open house I am going to so I can buy 3 more gifts (and filling my frequent shopper card at the same time so I can get a free gift for me!) Next stop, Bath & Body! I got some great coupons in the mail last week. Spencer thinks it’s great since I’ll be saving money. What he doesn’t know is that I’ll actually use it to get me some things for free! I have to have bath bubbles if I am to take a bubble bath every night, right?!