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Fun with coupons

Kroger is tripling coupons up to 50 cents and doubling coupons up to a dollar this week. This is so much fun. I came out with an overflowing cartload of groceries for $80! I saved over 300 bucks on my total order. Now, in the spirit of competition, Marsh is tripling coupons up to 60 cents and doubling up to a dollar. Naturally, I have to go grab my free food there too!

I won’t be spending much money this time. I got everything I needed Monday. Now I’m on a mission for free stuff. I got 4 packages of Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies for free at Kroger- Yum! Don’t tell my hubby! I hide my good food! I’d love to post my receipt so I can show off what I did, but it is taller than me (and I’m almost 6 foot!) so it won’t fit on the scanner. All I can say is it is pretty!

I have to go shopping now!

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