Just Heather
Eclectic Reading…

I took the girls to the library today. I’m trying to do that at least once a week, but it’s not enough to just encourage them to read. They need to see it in action too. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child. No staying up late watching television for me. Mom would find me hiding under a blanket with a flashlight and book!

I won’t claim to have a wide interest base. Since I mostly read in the tub my interests run more towards trash- anything else is just weird to read naked. I’m trying to branch out though. Recently I finished I, Robot in preparation for the movie (and to pacify my hubby.)

Today I picked up an interesting assortment… a J.D. Robb mystery, a Danielle Steele romance (both for my nightly bubble baths), the first two books in The Left Behind Series, and East of Eden. Can you get much broader than that?

Yes, in one afternoon I wandered the bookcases in mystery, religion, romance, and classics. You’ve gotta love the library!