Just Heather
My Dentist Appointment

My dentist appointment was pretty good starting, but this was the really, really, really, really, really hard part. They had to take out my teeth. One tooth, actually two teeth, while I was awake. That really hurted, actually. That really, really, really, really, really, really hurted. It was hurting so bad that it almost made me jump out of the chair. They didn’t have me strapped all the way so I could jump out of the chair. And I screamed and I went to you guys. But I really—actually i didn’t go to anyone. They caught me. They caught me right away cuz I was—you know. I really hurted though. So I couldn’t get out. They strapped me all the way in and I couldn’t get out. And they put this blood pressure thing on me because—and then it went “pssshhhht.” It squished me so hard. It squished. I was so hurt. It was on me until I woke up. It was so bleeding. My teeth, they were bleeding so bad. And that’s really the truth. Well, that’s almost the end. And then they let me go to my Mommy and Daddy. The End.