Just Heather
“Cleaning house while your children are growing is like shoveling the walk while it’s still snowing.”

Erma Bombeck? I don’t think so, but it does sound like something she would say.

My struggle this week—as if you couldn’t tell— is gaining some control over my house. I’m not a good housekeeper by any means, but I try to at least keep it manageable. Flylady helps me keep some sanity. I’m also working on Taming the Paper Tiger. I’m definitely a long way from where I started. It’s just that I had gotten into a pretty good routine and then—bam—everything changes.

When school started things just got nutty here. I got my new calendar which I dearly love. Then I had to go and start writing in it. What a mess of ink—and stickers, of course. There is hardly a free day to be found. Now suddenly I’ve lost control, I’m pulled in 10 different directions, and I can’t seem to do any of it well.

On my calendar for the next couple months is a smattering of:

  • school meetings
  • Girl Scout meetings
  • soccer practices and games
  • weddings (okay—one wedding, but it’s in Tennessee and the reception is back home on a totally different weekend)
  • Church Group meetings
  • doctor/vet/dentist appointments

Well, that doesn’t look like as much when it’s all crammed together. On my calendar it looks like 10 times as much! Plus, one night 3 of those things are at the same time. I’ll be missing 2, since that whole cloning thing isn’t yet legal.

Whatever happened to stay-at-home mom?!