Just Heather
Pop quiz

Okay, guys… here’s a pop quiz for you. You and your wife have a “discussion” that ends with you falling asleep as you ignore her question, waking up, and heading straight to bed alone. Do you:

a.) wake up the next morning and pretend it never happened.
b.) wake up the next morning and storm out of the house.
c.) upon entering your bedroom realize that was a stupid thing to do, return downstairs and appologize.
d.) wake up the next morning and apologize immediately for being an ass.

If you answered c or d, you would be correct. Naturally, the immediate realization of your stupidity would be preferable but an early morning response would be appropriate and probably followed by make-up sex.

Okay, so you failed the first quiz. When you return home from work do you:

a.) continue to pretend it never happened.
b.) ignore your wife altogether.
c.) kiss your wife; everything is fine because you called her mid-morning just to say I love you.
d.) enter the house after work carrying roses and a big I’m sorry.

Again, C or D would be an appropriate response. Once again, the early make-up would be best and would probably have been followed by an invitation to come home for “lunch.”