Just Heather
I feel like a woman

I found out the other day that my beloved Colts get the Thanksgiving Day game this year! I was very, very excited. Until I remembered that I will be in Florida that day for dinner with Mickey and a high school dance (don’t ask). My brother will be heading to the nearest sports bar to watch the game. Naturally, my dad and hubby will go with. I was all excited about the idea since I rarely get to go out, and when I go out with my dad he tends to pay the bar tab. Then it hit me—I’m a girl!

That means I’ll be stuck at the hotel playing woman. Why is it just assumed that because I’m a girl I don’t watch sports? I love my Pacers and I finally understand football enough to truly love my Colts too. It’s okay expected for a guy to watch all the basketball and football he can find. I’m supposed to sit by the pool in the hotel doing my nails while the men go out for beer. Not that I like beer—give me a screwdriver any day!

I just don’t make a very good girl. I can’t even tell you the last time I did my nails, I’m completely fashion-illiterate, and I’ll yell more obscenities at the tv than most guys I know. Though, if I were a dude, I’d just have to deal with the civil rights nightmare of being gay because, seriously, I ♥ men!

3 Responses to “I feel like a woman”

  1. I think you need to work on your belching/sctatching your testicles move if you truly want to be accepted into the boys club.

  2. My husband is a die-hard Colts fan and we will be in Ireland over the holiday, lots of pubs but I’m guessing not a lot of American football. 🙁

  3. (Blank stare) Football? What is this you speak of? :p