Just Heather
Wake up, sleepy heads!

Do you have nightmares of missing the biggest sale of the year because you stayed in your deep, post-turkey sleep well past the starting bell? Fear not, my fellow shoppers! Target has the answer for you. I’ll be waking up next Friday morning to a phone call from Darth Vader. Lord Vader will use the power of the force to keep me from oversleeping, missing out on the Black Friday bargains!

Choose me and feel the power of the dark side. While the others are nestled, asleep in their beds, we’ll stock up on reasonably priced sale items, crush the Rebel Alliance, and rule over the galaxy with an iron fist. Trust me, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of this fight.

But wait—there’s more! Since there are apparently “certain secrets to shopping that only International Supermodels know” you can also choose to awaken to the voice of Heidi Klum. Who’s waking you next week?

One Response to “Wake up, sleepy heads!”

  1. Never fear.. Black Friday? I spring out of bed! It one of my most favoritest days of the year!