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free money

I just received $15 in gift certificates from ePoll. I was a bit surprised since they haven’t sent me a survey in a very long time. So I logged into my dormant account to see what was up. I had ordered these in 2003. Nice. Oh well, money’s money. I haven’t received a survey for more than 6 months. I guess they don’t much care to have opinions from 20-something stay-at-home mommies right now.

Once upon a time rewards programs were all the rage. I spent hours a day surfing my list of sites, clicking on affiliate links, and earning points which I would later redeem for gift certificates. This is why we never, ever paid for movies even though we rented them at least once a week. We stopped getting regular Blockbuster rewards about a year or two ago. That “internet bubble” everyone was talking about? Yeah, it seriously burst my pocketbook too.

There are still a few standbys that can be worthwhile. I have one favorite that still sends emails for simple click throughs, but most of the rest are shopping rebates only now. While I once averaged $25-50 a month, I now earn about that each year. If you want to sign up for any of them anyway and get free stuff like me, drop me a comment with your email. I’ll send you a referral link so we both win!

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  1. I loved EPoll for a while. Then the prizes got pretty crappy (at least for the point amounts I had) so I just used all my points to make donations to the various charities. I liked it better when you could take all the surveys you wanted, whether you knew anything about it or not. I think they figured out my point grubbing scheme 😉