Just Heather
over the river and through the woods

Off we go tomorrow morning for my parents’ house. Then, it’s on to the Happiest Place on Earth. I’ll be a tad sad though since I’ll be all cut off from technology. I need a laptop so bad. It’s a good thing I have sibs who like to waste money.

My bro has a laptop I’ll be snagging on occasion. My sis just got a cool new camera phone—I’m suffering from serious tech-envy! I set myself up a handy-dandy text america account so I could stay semi-in-touch with the blogosphere. I’ll be moblogging my heart out on her phone so stay tuned for uber-cool vacation pics.

3 Responses to “over the river and through the woods”

  1. canigo?canigo?canigo?canigo?

    just askin..

  2. Have a safe trip and a great Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. I’ll be there in January. Luckily, I still have friends that I used to work with that would put us up and get us into the parks for free. I love WDW, that why I worked there for five years.

    I hope you had a wonderful time, I can’t wait for my trip.