Just Heather
Day 4

Our final day at Disney World proved what wusses the men are. Both my little brother and my hubby stayed at the hotel to sleep in. My mom, dad (who I’m sure would have stayed to sleep if not for penalty of death), sister and I took the girls to breakfast at Animal Kingdom. The band was having yet another breakfast buffet—this time at Rainforest Cafe. I adore Rainforest Cafe—it’s a fun place what with all the waterfalls and pretend rainforest creatures. Too bad it was breakfast or I would have completely forced my family to partake in a Volcano dessert. It rocks!

The plan was to go home, get hubby, check out of the hotel and head back to Animal Kingdom. We were going to spend an hour or so there before meeting up with my family at Epcot. They weren’t going to Animal Kingdom by unanimous decision not to attend what they term “the worst them park on the face of the planet.” The first part worked out okay, but on our way to Animal Kingdom Stacia remembered that her scrapbook page for signature collection was in my parents’ car. Naturally, we had to go get it. Once at Epcot there was no point going to AK and then back again so we stayed thinking we’d hit there later in the day. Never happened. We’ll take the kids to the zoo next week. That’s why we have a membership!

So instead we took a little ferry across Epcot into another world. We hit Japan first because Spencer wanted to see some Robotech thing, but we apparantly missed it. I will say we had a great time visiting the countries and if I had a whole day to spend at Epcot we would just wander through them all! The girls got to see Japanese music, a funny acrobat performance in France, and hear the story of Christmas in France from Pere Noel.

We met up with my family for the Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3D show—which was great! The best part was seeing the kids in their “safety” glasses.

It was a long week and the girls crashed out in the middle of our last day. My family wanted to get on the road so I couldn’t make it over to MGM to see the Spectacle of Lights, but I did get to see the Epcot tree all lit up. Disney World is so beautiful at Christmas time—I think I’d like to go back next year in December! Hubby’s gonna get right on that whole vacation fund thing.

2 Responses to “Day 4”

  1. Epcot is our favorite park (AK is the pits)..We have spent entire DAYS in Epcot, never tireing of it. We have however yet to see it dressed in its’ Christmas finery – some day! The girls look plum tuckered out!

  2. Ewww . . . the Honey I Shrunk the Kids ride/show creeped me out. The mice. The sneezing. NO THANK YOU! My family is waaayy overdue for a trip to Disney.