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Thank Heaven for awesome teachers

I have said several times recently—due to local events—that I really should start watching the news. Yet I still can’t bring myself to actually do it. It hasn’t affected me too badly so far. I get all caught up at PTO meetings fairly quickly. However, I might have seriously regretted it today if not for Stacia’s wicked cool teacher.

Today is the last day of triple coupons, which means I need to get my lazy butt in gear and pick up my free groceries. It is, afterall, my job. The plan was to clip coupons and take off after lunch, which is in about 5 minutes. Change of plans. Her teacher just called to let me know they were dismissing early due to the freezing rain. Stacia will be home in about an hour. And, now, so will I.

2 Responses to “Thank Heaven for awesome teachers”

  1. We are having crappy weather here today too. I hit the grocery store (along with every senior citizen in NJ ) this morning…ugh

  2. I was sooo jealous that my sisters got sent home, but _I_ was stuck at work until 5. But then I remembered what high school and middle schoool were like, and was no longer envious.