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But it was on sale!

Last week was triple coupon week. If you came to my house today, you would know that. My kitchen table is still filled with bags of groceries I can’t seem to fit in my pantry. I donate loads to the food pantry, but sometimes I just feel strange carting in 37 tubes of toothpaste.

I sent 6 bags of groceries home with my sister, for the grand total of $15. What is left are things I use regularly, but I have more than I’ll use in 2 months. This made sense—at the time—because they were free (or close to it) and I likely wouldn’t have seen that great of a deal again before I need it. Still, where am I going to put 6 bottles of vegetable oil?

5 Responses to “But it was on sale!”

  1. right next to my 24 cans of diced carrots….

  2. Don’t feel strange about the toothpaste! I used to volunteer at a food pantry and they run out of stuff like that a lot. Everyone donates food but the families there need stuff like toothpaste too. And? Whatever they don’t use immediately they just store in a warehouse for later.

  3. Also – my mom is all about the free. And since we live so close to each other . . . do you see where I’m going with this? 😉

  4. Which reminds me…I better get over to Shoprite’s can-can sale and stock up on Progresso Soup!

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