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Eat here, Get gas

I have a thing about eating at restaurants attached to gas stations. I don’t know why; I just think it’s weird. Tonight I broke my rule and stopped at the Shell station McDonald’s because I wanted more time to eat before I picked up my movies.  The other MdD’s is basically next door to Blockbuster. Nothing good ever happens when I stop at this gas station McDonald’s.

Tonight was no exception. I paid for my meal at the 1st window with a credit card (I love that I don’t have to carry cash anymore!) As the guy is handing me my card, he drops it. It falls out the window and slides right into the Ronald McDonald House collection box. Which is locked, obviously. So the awkward teenager runs to get a key and runs (literally) outside to my window. Tight squeeze, so I pull ahead to get my food.

It turns out that the giant ring of keys he brought out has a key to every lock on the planet, except the collection box. He jets back in and comes out with a big, important manager guy. The special uniform tipped me off to his importance. He stands around looking important on his cell phone while Awkward Teenager tries every key on another key ring. Meanwhile, I’m eating my super salty fries that were just handed to me by the super smiley teenager girl and laughing my warm butt off at these guys standing out in the snow.

They are soon joined by Super Smiley Teenager with yet another keyring. This one has only a lone key, which—thankfully—opens the collection box. Awkward Teenager brings my card, apologizes for like the 47th time, and runs back inside. Important Manger Guy is still on his cell phone so that was apparently unrelated. Do I get my meal for free for my ordeal? Nope, the credit card incident happened after it was swiped. Am I offered a gift certificate for my trouble? Nope. Important Manager Guy simply shoos me because I am obviously pulling out of the drive-thru too slowly for his tastes.

Halfway to Blockbuster, I bite into my burger only to discover that at this McDonald’s “ketchup only” is code for “loaded.” Maybe later I’ll tell you how it was the perfect cap-off to my Soccer Mom Drama meeting. I’ll also tell you all about the 15 squealing adorable girls who spent 2 noise fun-filled hours in my home on Saturday. Right now, I just want to sleep.

3 Responses to “Eat here, Get gas”

  1. heee. What are the chances of that?! You are so …lucky? 🙂

  2. omg…that is some story. I KNOW I am not supposed to be laughing, or giggling, or even smiling, so of course I am not. Of course.

  3. Wow – at least it didn’t drop on the ground. I guess that’s the silver lining. You just have all the luck 😉