Just Heather
Feel the love

How can you tell you’ve become part of my family? My dad will order you around like one of his own. I knew hubby was truly accepted a few months ago when my dad accidentally introduced himself to someone as Spencer’s dad. This weekend said it again, loud and clear.

We went to my hometown for a bridal shower. One of the games they played was “Find Your Fiance” and they needed more guy legs. My dad walks into our room, says “Wake up! They need men and I just volunteered you.” He proceeds to walk in every 5 minutes, yelling at him to wake up like he’s one of his children.

Then he does what he did to all of us when we were little. He lifts the blanket at the end of the bed and tickles his feet. Now if you know my husband, you know full well not to talk to him—much less touch him—before noon. He kicks—and misses—my dad, sits up and says “Why the hell do I have to go to this thing?”

Feel the love, baby, feel the love.