Just Heather
Around the World in 3 Hours

Let’s play a counting game:

Number of Brownies in my Girl Scout troop: 24
Number of days “World Friendship Day” has appeared on our calendar: 171
Number of times I have reminded troop of said event: 5
Number of families who forgot anyway: 5
Number of hours I spent preparing for presentation: 4
Number of hours the girls spent learning about Zimbabwe: 1
Number of girls who remembered anything from our study: 1
Number of countries represented: 18
Number of girls who learned anything from the other 17 countries: 0
Number of hours event was supposed to last: 2.5
Number of hours event actually lasted: 3
Number of times I looked at the clock: 24396234
Number of Tylenol needed to surpress resulting headache: ??? (I’ll let you know when I get there!)

2 Responses to “Around the World in 3 Hours”

  1. UGH. Sorry. These are the good old days though, remember? Hugs!

  2. But on the bright side, hopefull YOU are now thoroughly informed on Zimbabwe. 🙂