Just Heather
Procrastination Queen

I knew as soon as I was given 2 extra days to prepare that I wouldn’t use them. Now here I am with 2 days left and no closer to being ready than I was on Monday. While hubby may have been able to cross a few items off his list, mine seems to be growing like the Chinese population. “That’s my list — every Chinese person in the world.”

  • clip and sort coupons
  • organize pantry—in case they actually want to watch me put groceries away too
  • organize fridge and freezer—in case I buy cold stuff
  • put away lingering Christmas decorations (shutup.)
  • organize desk and office
  • move fridge to clean orange juice monster spilled today
  • find fabric to cover valance we’re making in the kitchen
  • deliver remaining Girl Scout cookies—both so I can get paid and to get them out of my dining room
  • sweep, mop, vacuum, and clean bathrooms convince hubby that Merry Maids would be cost effective
  • iron new outfit
  • try on new outfit again to make sure it compensates for the camera’s extra 10 pounds
  • decide what to serve for lunch
  • find out what time zone 10 a.m. means
  • have last minute freak-out preparation session with my personal, marketing consultant
  • enjoy my pre-birthday celebration with family

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  1. Thanks for de-lurking! Good luck today!!