Just Heather
Guide for Adult Children

How to Get Your Dad to Stop Speaking to You Indefinitely: Announce you spent your birthday at the tattoo parlor getting your nose pierced.

How to Get Your Dad to Start Speaking to You Again: Announce you are carrying his 3rd grandchild.

10 Responses to “Guide for Adult Children”

  1. You sure showed him 😉

  2. Congrats! Rachael sent me.

  3. Wow… damn! Congratulations! As you know, 3 works for me!

    RE: your comments – no, I wasn’t reading you in the fall, I was obliviously posting away in the fall. Pippa introduced me to this community back in December and so it’s all still very new to me. Anyway, I hope Liberal Oasis links you!

  4. I always feel weird saying congratulations to people for being pregnant, because it’s a very strange thing. But congratulations!

  5. Freshly pierced and freshly pregnant, and gonna be on TV.

    Who’s better than you? 🙂

  6. 3 is a charm and 4 is more or some such clever quip as that….


  7. congrats to you! yay!

  8. You are my hero.

  9. Awesome on all counts. Now, take care of yourself, okay?

  10. Congrats on both the pregnancy and the piercing!!