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Letting Go

Last night, Brenia left on her first “big girl” trip. She is spending the week with my parents. This is something she has done before, but only with her big sister along to keep her company. When she found out Stacia wasn’t going, she said no. Then I reminded her of all the fun she has at Grandma’s house—going to the park, swimming in the hot tub, seeing her aunt & uncle. We talked about the trip all week, with Brenia getting excited and Stacia getting upset about missing her.

Yesterday was the big day and as we’re getting ready to pack the suitcase, we had the following conversation:

Brenia: You tummy?
Me: My tummy? The baby is in my tummy.
Brenia: NO! You tummy?
Me: What?
Brenia: You tumming?
Me: Oh! Am I coming? Am I coming where?
Brenia: Mama’s.
Me: No. Mommy’s not coming with you.
Brenia: Oh, man.
Me: You get to go by yourself like a big girl.
Brenia: Myself? Oh, no. (long pause) My wuv park!

As soon as my parents arrived, Brenia looks them right in the eye and says “Park. Morrow.” Of course, it is supposed to rain today so the park is out. They’ll have to find an indoor substitute. Thoughts of the playground are all that’s keeping the apprehension at bay.

When the time came she wheeled her suitcase out proud as can be, climbed into her carseat, and was ready to go with barely a wave. Stacia cried, and I hugged her about 20 times. While I am so far enjoying my solitude and relaxation, I’m not sure I can make it the full 10 days we agreed upon. I just might have to hop in my car and retrieve her soon—if she can drag herself away from park long enough to notice me!

2 Responses to “Letting Go”

  1. OMG I remember that feeling. It is so hard to let go sometimes. I still have it and mine are 19 and 22! Hugs!

  2. I remember spending a week each summer at my grandparents’ house in MI – hopefully Brenia will have a great time and get some great memories like I did 🙂