Just Heather
Guess How Much I Love You

I had some watermelon a few weeks ago. It was not great melon—pink, hard, not very juicy—but I could not get enough! I called my dad—official supplier of watermelon—to get some good stuff. None. The local season hasn’t started yet and they don’t have anything in the warehouse. Never fear! Grandpa to the rescue!

My grandfather had a Georgia melon transported up last week just for him. He promised to send a slice with my dad. If you knew Papaw, you would now what a total sacrifice this would be. I was expecting a small sliver, just a bit to curb my craving. I got the biggiest, juciest, best-tasting slice of watermelon you’ve ever seen! It was so good, I’ve had to control myself to make it last. I can’t wait until the Indiana season starts. I don’t take advantage of the free produce much, but I’ll make up for lost time this summer!

I’ve also been craving tomato-based products—chili, coneys, BLTs. The only thing the two fruits really have in common is lycopene. I didn’t think you could crave a pigment, but at least this baby should never have to worry about cancer. I’ve got your antioxidants right here!