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Support our Troops

I’m talking about real, honest-to-goodness support. My Brownie troop organized a care package drive at school. We managed to put together 10 care packages for soldiers overseas through the Any Soldier program. I am preparing them to mail this week, and in doing so discovered several other great programs.

I ran out of packing peanuts. Not surprising since I’ve never bought any in my life, but I still had 5 packages to complete. So I did what any good coupon queen would do and put a request on Freecycle. Not only did I receive 5 offers for packing peanuts, but I received an amazing offer from Beanies for Baghdad to ship all 10 packages for free, courtesy of Gary Sinise through Operation Iraqi Children and A Million Thanks.

I think all 4 of these efforts are wonderful opportunities to truly support our troops, and I plan to participate in some way with all 3 who have preserved my girls’ troop funds for next year’s activities.

3 Responses to “Support our Troops”

  1. I think that is great what you are doing and it totally forgives you flipping the bird to a yellow sticker car..

  2. That’s incredible, Heather. You may or may not know of my vehment hatred for those damn bumper ribbons. HATE!!

    What you are doing is tangible. And real. Good for you.

  3. Yes, very very VERY good for you!!!

    And in my experience, the asshats with the more-patriotic-than-thou magnets are the type of self-serving scum who would sell out their country at teh drop of a hat.