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Dream Weaver

Pregnancy dreams are just plain weird. They are a strange mix of reality, books I’ve read, and the blog community. Lately my dreams have been every day life sort of things so I wake feeling like I never slept. Twice in the last week they have been about a blogger. I think it was something I read, knowing he was hurting, and wanting to reach out in some way. So I just weaved him into my unreality while I was sleeping.

The blog community is funny that way. I have lots of blogs that I read regularly, almost daily, and a few of those who I truly consider friends. Should they call, email or IM me I would put my own crap on hold to help however I could. If I reference something they said it’s always “my friend.” I think and pray about them regularly. When they are away from their blog for a bit, I worry and wonder how they are doing. If you think you’re one of them, you probably are.

But back to my dreams (it’s all about me!) The most restful I have slept in months was last week when I dreamed that we fell asleep together. On his couch (from a book). In a snowstorm (another book). After eating ice cream (actually happened). I awoke well-rested and full, but a little bit cold.

One Response to “Dream Weaver”

  1. I haven’t had any dreams about bloggers yet (well none that I’ll admit to anyway) but I, like you, think about them and wonder…nice to know it’s not just me…lol