Just Heather
That’s Gotta Hurt

I’ve been having severe pains right about my pelvic bone. Not all the time. Just when I’m sitting, standing, or walking—oh, and sometimes when I lay down. You’d think having spent more than 2 years pregnant I would have seen everything, but this was new. I talked to my doctor about yesterday because I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. She said it is pinched nerves from the way the baby is sitting. As the baby grows and moves it will either go away or get worse. Gee, thanks, doc.

It is apparently perfectly normal even though it’s all new to me. I am to keep an eye on it though because this sort of nerve pinching can trigger contractions and early labor. Nice. As if the little Braxton-Hicks I have all the time weren’t scary enough. Now I have to worry about the two combining to create the real thing. As much as I would like for this pregnancy to be over right now, I don’t want anything to happen until she’s done cooking.