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Diapers Forever!

This potty training business is going nowhere. I was really hoping to not have 2 in diapers, but doesn’t look like that will work out. On our good days, we can keep the flowers (aren’t PullUps grand?) all day, but she says “I like to poop in my pants.”  How could anyone like that?

Today she announced that she would wear panties. I thought maybe we were having a break through. I put them on her and reminded her that if she wanted to wear big girl panties, she had to use the potty like a big girl. Okay. She went a few times throughout the morning, as proud as can be. Before lunch, I reminded her to potty again. She said she didn’t need to go. Turns out, she didn’t want to go. Next thing I know, she’s naked and handing me wet pants.

After a quick cleanup and PullUp, she wanted to watch a movie.

“Baby’s don’t watch television.”

“I not a baby!”

“You just peed in your pants like a baby.”

“It’s okay.”

“Um, no it’s not. It most certainly is not okay to pee in your pants.”

This resulted in a lot of tears as I refused to turn on the television. I’m not sure it’s having any impact. Last week while I was at the store buying the week’s supply of PullUps, she used the last one. Daddy scrounged up an old diaper for her, which she was not happy about. As soon as I got home with her “Rella panties,” she insisted on changing. So I decided maybe she just really likes her Cinerella PullUps and I should quit buying them. Tomorrow I’m buying a supply of baby diapers. If it works, they will still eventually get used.

3 Responses to “Diapers Forever!”

  1. Not to worry.. I swore that my oldest would NEVER be potty trained. He did end up potty training before he went to college after all..

  2. I hate potty training. I’m on my last and she’s also very attached to her Princess Pull-ups. I never used those with the other kids (went from diapers to big kid undies) and I’m kicking myself for falling in that trap. Good luck!

  3. My middle child just got potty trained this summer and I was so wishing my youngest would just up and decide she wanted to use the potty too. Two down one to go…

    Having had two in diapers for two years, I feel your pain.