Just Heather
Perspective is Everything

Things we might normally have considered a problem a few weeks ago, now seem so petty. Here we sit, trying to adjust our budget to the fluctuating gas prices, while so many others didn’t even have a vehicle to evacuate a dangerous area. I’m trying to find a way to buy a new vehicle—you know, so I can haul all my kids at the same time—while so many others just want food, water, and shelter.

I feel like I should be doing something more to help but, while we have a lot in comparison, we really don’t have much to give. It’s not like we live an extravagant lifestyle. I finally found a local network that is taking tangible donations for transportation to evacuees. I have a lot of needed items I am boxing up. I may not be able to write a check, but I can certainly give of my abundance. While I wish I could do more, I feel better knowing I can do something.

At the very least, it has changed my thinking on a lot of things.

  • Prenatal Acne = inconvenience
  • Dysentery = problem
  • Stains on the carpet, including the new addition caused by my hubby—wise soul that he is—spilling Coke while skateboarding = inconvenience
  • No longer having a home = problem
  • losing your pediatrician—who you love and trust with your children’s lives—because she is moving = inconvenience
  • losing everything you ever knew in a flood = problem