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The Sick Is Gone

We’re all better around here—unless you count my constant heartburn, humongousness, and other unpleasantries as illness. I think I must have been ill when I decided to go through all this again, but I digress.

The toddler is feeling much better and making up for lost time. We can’t have an entire 24 hour period go by with peace and calm without some repercussions, you know. Maybe she suddenly realized she’ll be 3 soon and is trying to squeeze all the terrible out of 2’s at the last possible moment.

We had to put a lock on the pantry. A lock. On the food cabinet. That just seems so wrong somehow, but it’s better than my spiderman (woman?) falling off the top shelf because she wanted a different flavor of granola bars. It’s not like the kids’ favorite snacks aren’t conveniently placed at their level. There’s always something bigger and better on the top shelf.

Should I ask Mommy if I can have the strawberry granola bars? Should I tell her I want an apple? No, no, no. I should push this bench up to the pantry, grab the wire shelf and proceed to scale it as though I didn’t fall off the cabinet trying the same thing yesterday. Much better idea.

Thus, in the interest of elminating further ER trips for the year, I bought a new door knob. One that requires a key. Because we all know they can both unlock the inside doors. Heaven forbid I should go to the bathroom all alone and actually expect the door to remain locked. Though, I guess if I let her come with me every time she wouldn’t have the opportunity to climb to the top of the fridge.

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  1. Heather,
    Don’t you think it is time to update Stacia and Brenia’s web page for their nama!!!
    Love, Mom