Just Heather
Any Day Now…

I had my final doctor’s appointment today. My doctor is on vacation so we visited “the train doctor” as my toddler called her substitute, Dr. Trainor. She’s on call for the next two days so she stripped the membranes in hopes of kick-starting labor. It was so not a fun process, but I’m hoping it works.

Basically, the doctor shoves her hand inside and pulls the water sack away from the cervix. Believe me, it is as painful as it sounds. I’ve been having contractions for the last 2 hours now though, so if it works it was all worth it. They are about 3 minutes apart, which would concern a lot of people, but they are not strong at all. The on-call doctor said to sit tight for now and head to the hospital if I feel like they are changing.

They have internet access there, so I’ll be sure to update if this goes anywhere.