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One Week


Seven days. Seven precious, wonderful, glorious, exhausting days. Who would think it would be so tiring taking care of a tiny little thing who sleeps all day? Oh, the things we forget. I guess that’s natures way of getting us to do this over and over again.

It amazes me how much alike the girls can look and be so incredibly different. Third time around and I’m still learning as I go. All that crap the hospital sends home with you and not an owner’s manual in the mix.

She’s so cuddly, this one. If I could hold her all night long, I’m sure she’d sleep right through the night. She sleeps quite a bit anyway, so our nights aren’t too bad. She wakes up once in the middle of an 8-hour sleep to eat and get a dry diaper. Then she proceeds to sleep the other 16 hours in 3 hour shifts. We’re lucky to get an hour of gazing into those beautiful blues. Not that I mind staring at a sleeping baby cuddling against my chest.

The girls are just as enchanted with her. Brenia wants to help with absolutely everything. Funny story about that one—she decided she needed to help me feed the baby. When I told her she couldn’t hold the bottle because there wasn’t one, she said “That’s okay!” and grabbed my boob. Stacia rushes in the door every day after school to hold her. The girl who rushes through her homework to run out the door every day, always takes the time to cuddle her baby sister.

We’re starting to establish a routine, though when Daddy goes back to work in a couple weeks we’ll have to alter it a bit. The older girls are very set in their ways and do not handle changes well. Luckily, Lorelai pretty much sleeps through anything. She could care less where she is or what you’re doing as long as someone holds her now and then. That makes it very easy to go about our daily routine, with just a few small adjustments.

You know, like learning to do everything with just one hand. In another week or two I’ll get out her sling and start wearing her everywhere, but for now I’m content just to hold her. I do make her sleep in her bassinet every afternoon during her sister’s nap. That’s when Mommy takes her nap too!

5 Responses to “One Week”

  1. Cuddly babies are the bestest!

  2. I’m so glad you’re having my share of the babies. I couldn’t cope and you’re so obviously good at it. Heh!

  3. aww…conratulations..as the father fo five(adult)daughters, just let me say..it looks so good on YOU. It’s beautiful to hear the love in your voice…she’s a lcuky girl.

  4. So good to hear how you guys are doing! Eli’s a cuddler too-don’t you just love it?! It’s amazing how the days sweep away. Can’t wait to see her.

  5. One word: enjoy.
    I miss babies sooo much. My 19 and 22 year old boys aren’t much interested in me OR my boobs anymore..go figure…