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The Crud Is Creeping

We came home from Thanksgiving with colds—every last one of us. Now, when my family gets a cold it hangs around for weeks at a time and usually creeps into something else. At least once a year we have a month long illness drama.

Stacia’s cold typically settles into a sinus infection. Brenia ends up with ear infections. Spencer just keeps the cold for weeks on end and becomes a big, whiny baby. I typically pick up strep throat somewhere along the way.

This time there’s a bit of a twist. My cold passed through in under 2 days. Must be the vitamins. Spencer seems to have bypassed the major drama as well. Stacia is still sick and getting worse. Lorelai’s cold seems to have settled in her eyes. My poor baby is all goopy.

Yesterday I finally took the girls to the doctor—all three of them, just to be safe, even though Brenia seemed to be missing the yucky part as well. Brenia so far still just has the cold, along with her usual allergies. Lorelai has pinkeye. Stacia has an ear infection and pneumonia. Pneumonia! How did I miss that? If I can get the girls settled into bed later, I’ll dust off a spot for my Mother of the Year trophy.

5 Responses to “The Crud Is Creeping”

  1. YUCK! Luckily Eli hasn’t been exposed yet, but with Christmas coming up and being around a ton of people, I have a feeling he may get “the crud” soon. Lets hope not!

  2. Try not to feel bad about missing the pneumonia. Last I knew, doctors tell us to give a cold 1 week to 10 days, give or take a few days before we’re to worry. Just remember to take care of you along with everyone else. (I’m allowed to say that regardless if I follow that advice myself or not. 😉 )

  3. I was just wondering where the name brenia was found. It is my daughters name and i have never heard of it in any baby books. I got it from a song. Mail me back .

  4. sorry to hear about the colds..
    I do enjoy your writing and the latest about your family..never fails to put a smile on my face