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If You Make Fun of Me 13 or 14 More Times

Go ahead. Make fun of my shopping habits, but I’ve saved $6000 so far this year on my grocery bill. That may not buy a house, but it means the difference between staying at home with my three girls and getting a part-time job.

Rachael alerted me to the fact that my picture was included in an article on The Onion. Go figure. I get interviewed on national television, compared to Michael Jordan in the Chicago Tribune, and picked up as a syndicated article by the AP but it takes appearing on the front page of The Onion to impress him.

4 Responses to “If You Make Fun of Me 13 or 14 More Times”

  1. I lost my coupon folder! (I think I left it at the grocery store.) It’s going to suck rebuilding the stash.

    But congrats on being included on the Onion! hehe

  2. I’ve been very impressed of the recognition Feed Indy has recieved in the last year. It really has been fun to watch. But the total geek in me has to say that The Onion using your photo was “way cool.” 🙂

  3. I do what I can 🙂

  4. You amaze me!