Just Heather
Timing is Everything

Any random night this month:

10:14pm Baby nurses
10:32pm Baby falls asleep
12:15am Try desperately to wake baby to nurse before bedtime
12:28am Realize baby thinks 10:30 is bedtime
2:36am Nurse baby
2:48am Baby & Mommy asleep
2:56am Put baby in her crib & go back to bed
3:24am Sick child wakes in a coughing fit
3:25am Find cough syrup
3:28am Realize child also has a fever
3:29am Find Ibuprofen
3:32am Wait for fever to start dropping
3:38am Check temperature
3:46am Check temperature
3:52am Check temperature
3:53am Tuck child in bed (usually mine!)
3:55am Fall asleep
4:29am Nurse baby
4:41am Baby & Mommy asleep
4:46am Put baby in her crib & go back to bed again
6:38am Nurse baby
6:56am Baby & Mommy asleep
7:02am Put baby in her crib
7:03am Consider staying awake since Stacia will be up soon
7:04am Back to bed
7:48am The day begins

Last night:

10:24pm Nurse baby
10:42pm Baby falls asleep
12:14am Baby awakes
12:15am Get excited about the possibility of one last nursing before bedtime
12:16am Attempt to nurse baby
12:24am Give up
12:25am Tuck baby into bed
7:14am Nurse baby
7:15am Realize this is the first time since last night
7:29am Baby & Mommy asleep
7:32am Put baby in her crib
7:33am Consider staying awake for the day since the baby has a doctor’s appointment at 9:30 anyway
7:34am Remember how much sleep this month has brought, laugh & go back to bed
9:03am Wake frantically wondering why everyone in the house is still asleep
9:04am Wake hubby with instructions to get the baby ready
9:05am Realize he has no idea what that means
9:06am Throw baby’s clothes at hubby on the way to the bathroom
9:07am Throw on sweats, brush teeth & hair
9:11am Realize deodorant would be a nice addition
9:12am Start van
9:13am Grab pacifier as Daddy buckles baby into her seat
9:16am Leave house
9:32am Sign into doctor’s office-close enough!