Just Heather
Confessions of a Super (Crazy) Mom
  • Even at $2.99/gallon, I still prefer to drive in circles with the little ones snoring in the back than return home and risk waking them by stopping the car. (Don’t worry, dear, I don’t actually do this, though I have taken the scenic route on many occasions.)
  • I eat my children’s holiday candy. (Not all of it—just the good stuff. Reese’s peanut butter eggs have been a great source of sustenance in recent weeks.)
  • I take advantage of the fact that my children can’t tell time to put them in bed early.
  • I may say “Just pick a bathroom and go!” but I wouldn’t sit on that potty either.

2 Responses to “Confessions of a Super (Crazy) Mom”

  1. $2.99 a gallon?! Makes me so glad I don’t have a car on campus.

  2. You eat your kids’ Reese’s eggs too? I love you, my Snitching Sister. Every year I swear I won’t, and every year I buy more so I can steal more. But, you know, those Reese’s Eggs are SO GOOD.