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525,600 Minutes

My baby girl turned 1 today. It’s been a bittersweet day. On the one hand, I’m so glad she is healthy and growing now. On the other hand, she’s growing so fast! Faster than most kids since she’s not only growing, but catching up on lost growth too. I think knowing she’s my last (yes, dear, my last) makes it harder.

She’s still so tiny that it’s hard to let go and remember she’s not a vulnerable little baby anymore. One glimpse of her stubborn independence reminds you quite quickly. She doesn’t yet walk, but she ventures further on her knees than she ever dared before. She has a handful of words, and clearly understands many more.

I love hearing the words a baby latches onto. It’s all a matter of importance. Ma-ma, Da-da—those are forced on them from birth. Nigh-nigh is learned quite quickly as babies tire so easily. “Mo” (means more—food, that is), “dog-dog,” “touchdown,” “down” and “all gone” were learned in order of importance.

It just doesn’t seem possible that she could be one. Wasn’t it just the other day that we brought her home from the hospital? And now, look at her:

Lorelai, age 1

Lorelai, age 1

3 Responses to “525,600 Minutes”

  1. Happy birthday to your cutie! Yeah, they always grow too fast for our liking. Thank God she’s catching up now. It means her parents are doing great!

  2. Aw, what a cutie! Happy Birthday little one!

  3. How do we measure a year? Daylights and midnights are especially fitting for a young one.