Just Heather
Under Pressure

I got a pressure cooker a few weeks ago and have since made nearly every family dinner in it—quick and easy is definitely my style. Tonight I decided to try chili because every recipe I read said it should take 5 minutes. That’s not a typo—5 minutes—not 2-3 hours.

It turned out pretty well, though I think it could have used more liquid. It would have turned out even better had the signal for “dinner’s ready” not been an explosion. The gasket broke and quickly released 15 pounds of pressure—along with a wee bit of chili. My stove is a nice orange color at the moment.

The explosion caused quite a commotion at casa de Sokol. The girls squealed and ducked under a blanket. I watched closely for the steam to evaporate and rushed to turn off the heat. My dear, sweet hubby rushed to open the door. I didn’t burn dinner!

I just blew it up a bit.

One Response to “Under Pressure”

  1. I have always wanted to try one.. but I am a wuss. I think my Mom scared me with the “pressure” thing when I was growing up, so always stayed loyal to my crock pot..P.S. missed ya!