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Collateral Damage

We’re all fine! That’s how I started this story when I called my hubby and my mom. I was driving down 465 in the center lane. Traffic started slowing so I slowed down carefully and was doing fine. The next thing I know we got whammed from the passenger side by a pickup truck.

From what I could gather-and the way the police report reads-a van was behind me and not slowing as carefully as I. He swerved to the left lane to avoiding rear-ending me right into the path of the Ford truck. The truck swerved to avoid him, lost control and fishtailed his rear right into Brenia’s door.

Luckily, we bought Serenity specifically for her safety rating. The door is smashed in good from the outside, but from the inside there doesn’t appear to be any damage-which is why daughter is completely, totally fine! She was crying at first and I freaked out. There I was trying to keep my car from sliding to the right into more cars and whip around to check on my girls all at the same time!

I managed to keep control, get to the shoulder and frantically yell “What’s hurt?!” about 20 times. She stopped crying and said “I’m fine, Mommy, but that was scary!” I couldn’t stop telling her how proud I was that she stopped being scared to stop Mommy from being scared!

Lorelai slept right through the whole thing. She’s obviously fine. This morning I’m a bit sore, but that could be the stress of the day. Brenia feels fine, according to my sister. I was on my way to take her to Camp Grandma for the week so she’s not here with me to hug and cuddle and reassure myself she’s totally fine. Though it’s probably a good thing for her to be having a good time and not seeing the van every day. It will be fixed by the time she sees it again.

Of course the other two insurance companies are playing a game of Not It. The driver of the van-whose car was not at all touched-is now saying he wasn’t involved, he just stopped to see if he could help. Since the police report says differently, my insurance company should be able to get his to pay up. In the meantime, driving safely is going to cost me about $700! I get to pay my deductible and a rental fee while we wait. If they can get a commitment from either party before the repairs are complete, I won’t have to pay a cent.

I could rent a car and save a little bit of money since I only have 2 kids for a few days, but I’d just have to trade it in this weekend anyway. It is physically impossible to get 2 carseats and a 3rd child into the back of even the largest sedan. Plus, I need a van by next Thursday to haul 125 cases of Girl Scout cookies. It’s all about priorities.

3 Responses to “Collateral Damage”

  1. ACK!

    I’m glad you are all okay. Fight for the bigger vehicle. When our van was hit (while parked, we weren’t even in it), I started every conversation with “I need a rental mini-van.” They still tried to put me in a sedan but I pretty much said every curse word in the book until they found me a mini-van. I drive a 12 passenger van for a reason!

    125 cases of cookies, you did really well!!!

  2. I’m glad everyone is ok. You know your Aunt Judy was in an accident in E-ville on the next day? Everyone ok there too.

  3. Oh my gosh, Heather – how scary was this post!?!- I am sooo glad everyone is okay.

    Gotta love those crash ratings!