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Tastes Like Chicken

I am a very picky eater. Even if you completely discount that some of it is medically necessary, you would still say I am a picky eater. I feel sort of bad about that because the hubby is a pretty adventurous eater and would prefer more variety than I typically provide. Now and then I do try to find something new that I think we will all enjoy.

Tonight I stumbled on a new dish by accident. I had intended to defrost pork chops for the sweet-n-sour recipe I found last year. Instead I discovered I had defrosted a pork loin. Not to be deterred, I headed to a couple cookbooks, and my favorite web resource, to find Herb Roasted Pork (which I modified slightly for the pressure cooker since I did not discover my mistake until it was too late for a traditional roast), almond green beans and buttered hashbrowns.

We sat down to dinner and my middle child announces “This chicken is really tasty!” The almond green beans weren’t a big hit. My oldest child didn’t like them (big surprise!) because they were “too sour,” an excuse she came up with based on overhearing me mention they had a bit of lemon juice in them. I wasn’t a big fan of the lemon juice myself, but they were certainly not sour. Brenia didn’t like the “all mans” mixed in. The baby, on the other hand, ate the “geen beans” like they were going out of style. She even managed to use her fork to spear them—and the “taytoes”—a few times for good measure.

All in all it was a successful dinner. The roasted pork really was tasty. Plus it had the added bonus of ending with the baby announcing, “I potty” to which we all cheered and ran off to watch (it didn’t happen, but it was an exciting concept nonetheless).

One Response to “Tastes Like Chicken”

  1. We told my youngest bro that any pork we ate was chicken til he was about 10, because, well, he said he, “didn’t like pork”!! (Never mind he couldn’t pick it out of a meat line up)

    Ah the sailor toddlers…it really is priceless, isn’t it?