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Pay Day

Yesterday I loaded my 3 girls in the van and headed to the television station. They had asked me to do a run through with the anchor, but it was so last minute that the news director told me to bring the kids knowing I would not have enough time to arrange a sitter.

They were very well behaved (who are these children and why can’t they live at my house?) and enjoyed seeing where Mommy “works” now. The rehearsal was designed to allow me to hear the questions the anchor would ask so I could be prepared. He asked different questions every time we ran it. Then he asked a completely different question today—live on the air.

Never fear, I am an expert in my field (apparently) so I was able to answer everything efficiently. I then shared some of the good buys for this week with a referral to my website for even more deals. I felt good about the segment, but I haven’t it seen it yet. They showed a video clip of my kids and some graphics showing the math on the deals I shared along with the live video we were filming.

Our DVR managed to skip right over it. It recorded the news from 6:00 to 8:25 am and from 8:50 to 9:00 am, but I was live at 8:41. It manages to malfunction about twice a year and just my luck today was the day! The station is sending me a DVD so I’ll be able to see it and share it soon. I have no idea what happened, but I was devastated. My parents are out of range for the station and were counting on me to send them video.

Now, not only do I get paid to be on television, but I get a free DVD too!

On a related note, PayDays now come in a protein bar so when I eat one for lunch I can pretend it is a real and actual meal replacement instead of just candy.

2 Responses to “Pay Day”

  1. Congratulations! I wish I lived nearer to Indy to catch your segments.

    (DH almost had a job that would have moved us back, probably to Avon, I’m still so bummed it didn’t work out.)

  2. I wish I wasn’t zipping along I-70 during your segment!