Just Heather
Double Standard

It’s no secret that the Colts are fairly beat up these days. I’m confused about how a bruise has kept Harrison out for 6 weeks. Someone’s not saying something, but that’s not our only problem. We’re out 2—and, sometimes, 3—deep in several positions. I think our inactive list is longer than our starting lineup at this point. However, no one’s talking about how that might affect our season.

I get the “next man up” concept Dungy pushes. Really, I do. However, when your next man up is the 4th string or some random rookie pulled from the practice squad, it’s going to start affecting your game. Everyone just keeps talking about how great the Patriots are, but no one is mentioning that we only lost by 4 while we were down about 11 players.

On the other hand, Vinatieri sucks 3 weeks running and suddenly it’s all about an injury. An injury I’d never even heard about until he missed his 4th field goal in a row. Not to mention the numerous extra points he’s missed this year. Okay, so it was 2, but he’s missed at least 2 field goals from extra point-range.

Poor little kicker. Can we please just send him back to New England now?!