Just Heather
Friday Focus

We passed around a fantastically fun stomach bug this week. I spent Wednesday cleaning up vomit and Thursday laying on the couch myself so I’m about 5 days behind now! Tonight I am taking one of my Girl Scout troops ice skating. Sunday I’m ice skating with my Daisy troop. By Monday I’ll be one giant bruise. It should be fun anyway, but not so helpful in getting caught up.

I started this post with the intention of blogging out my to-do list to give me some accountability. However, I’ve come a long way recently in organizing, cleaning and maintaining a few areas of my life. It just might kill my motivation to look at a long list of things I still haven’t done. Instead, I’m going to focus on a Ta-Da list of things I have actually completed already this year!

  • cleaned an entire shoebox of overdue paperwork
  • sorted coupons and recycled a box full of expired inserts
  • submitted 2 months worth of segment ideas to my producers
  • completed & filed 2007 taxes
  • reorganized hundreds of srapbooking sticker, papers and die cuts
  • followed a menu plan, stocked emergency meals and avoided the drive-thru (okay, so this was for January only and I didn’t completely avoid the drive-thru, but we cut way back and I’m starting over this weekend!)