Just Heather

I love Lorelai’s “accent” even though I occasionally have trouble figuring out what she means. She speaks very well for her age, but sometimes what she says doesn’t come across because you would never expect a 2-year-old to know that word. Today’s lunch is a perfect example.

She’s eating already because she brought a can of veggie soup to me at 10 and asked for soup. I was saying no (repeatedly), until she said please. We’ve been working on that word so it resulted in lunch at 10:30 in the morning. I thought she wanted to watch the new Chinese show on Nick Jr. called Kai-Lan while she ate because while I was getting her soup ready she kept shouting “Tie-yan! Tie-yan!” Our kids have all had a strange T pronunciation for the K sounds so it sounded just like Kai-Lan to me.

Then I opened the fridge to grab a drink and she pulled out the salad dressing. The Italian salad dressing. She is now having soup and salad and thrilled to no end.

2 Responses to “Accent”

  1. Happy Birthday Heather!

    BTW…. That would put you how far into your thirties? ;-)-

  2. Hellooooo Heather, long time and all that. Did a quick read through and as usual you had all my emotions going…thanks for that. Nice to see that while life changes so rapidly, your writing is as dependably funny and interesting as ever. I didn’t plan to stop blogging, it kind of just happened..went back to school…discovered Facebook, etc. I am making an effort to publish a pic-a-day for 2008 and do offer my thoughts now and again. I’ve moved to rockinronnie.com if you want the new link. Humbled to see I’m still on your list btw. Will try and pop by more often…cheers.